Road Trip: Two Cats and a Pomeranian

• a hysterical, 1-1/2-year-old kitty, Chloe (escaped from her bag, but wearing a cat leash {don’t judge me}) urinating and defecating on the soft, zippered carrier of her older brother, Luca, the cat (who experienced his first, pseudo-incestuous “golden shower” {scandal!}

• wee-wee paw prints on the jeans of human Mommy, strapped in to a papoose for a Pomeranian, as well as a seatbelt while drama queen, Zsa-Zsa, the dog helps the chaos ensue with her “The Sky Is Falling!!!” routine

• a truck that smells like a bin of dirty diapers

All of these heartwarming moments occurring within the first 15 minutes of our journey accompanied by the prospect of another 24+ hours of wonderful “family activity” to come!

Have I mentioned that all of my other clothes are packed away, in an unknown location… and we will b making a pit-stop in Delaware to meet my husband’s old friend? Oh, JOY~JOY… what a great, first-impression I will give with my “Eu de toilet CAT SPRAY”.


The true upside to this “circus-on-wheels” is the new relationship between the cats; Luca has always been the strong, silent-type for nine years, letting the antics of his diva, canine sibling roll off of his back. When Baby Chloe arrived, however, he became a resentful bully… completely out of character. Unexpectedly, the early morning events of today have transformed his territorial “I’m ~HEAD FELINE~” attitude into a nurturing sibling who did not meow and hiss as his sister kitty stepped and relieved herself on his sleeping accommodations, but actually remained unfazed then, allowed her to “move in” to his quarters.

They’ve now been snuggling for the past four hours. 🙂

I love my furry babies!!!

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  1. Marsha
    Sep 21, 2011 @ 12:12:47

    I love your furry babies too….and mine, and my grand animals, my very own son, Butter cat and Roxie doggie and all the rest of the furry children. Tell us about the truck and stop at a truck stop to wash up unless you are already in Delaware. If you remember some of your recent emails, and need clothing, you can pick up impression making clothes… costumes at Walmart. No one will notice the smell if you can find a Catwoman outfit.


    • Heidi Rodney-Nakanishi
      Sep 22, 2011 @ 15:24:39

      Hahahaa… I tried to respond with a pic before, but I’m having difficulties, via my iPhone. We found some fragrant “kitty cover-up” by way of “Chanel No. 5”, the knock-off brand from a gas station! Hahaha…

      No time to switch clothes… too much drama for the same result (instead of “tarred and feathered”): “peed and furred”.


  2. Cathy
    Sep 21, 2011 @ 13:17:25

    I’m so happy you brought your animals. I have two cats and I love them dearly. I don’t know if you’re using them, but I just want to say one thing about collars on cats. If they are uncomfortable with a collar they will try everything to get the collar off and it can hurt them. The female cat I had before these two males I have now was so frantic to get a collar and leash off, her jaw got pulled all the way back underneath the collar while she tried to get it off. Then she was choking and was so panicked she was thrashing so hard, I had a hell of a time getting the collar off her. After that, I tried using a harness on her. She managed to get out of that (she was a very determined and smart kitty), but at least she didn’t choke. If your cats are used to collars, you should be fine with them.


    • Heidi Rodney-Nakanishi
      Sep 22, 2011 @ 15:38:48

      Cathy, my babies go everywhere with me including, London! They are wearing collars, but the kind that will break a part, to avoid accidental strangulation. Chloe is now comfortable in the truck and not in need of big brother so much. They are relaxed and somewhat free to move around or nestle in their carrier. Luca has found a cozy spot under my seat and Chloe, sometimes, visits him.


  3. Cathy
    Sep 27, 2011 @ 14:00:07

    I didn’t know collars that break apart were made. That’s a great idea! I’m glad to hear the fur babies have adjusted so well to life on the road.

    I wish I could take my boy kitties with me when I leave town, but they are both scaredy-cats who are terrified of everyone but me. They hide every time someone comes over and won’t come out until they leave. They’re very sweet cats, but they just can’t deal with anyone but me since I live alone and I’m all they’ve known for so long. If I took them somewhere, it would be too traumatic for them. They are 4 and 6. It’s best to start them out young, I’m sure!


    • Heidi Rodney-Nakanishi
      Sep 27, 2011 @ 15:56:25

      Cathy, don’t give up on them. Luca, my male Tabby is EXACTLY Luke that at nine-years-old. He hides for long periods of time until he realizes that the person or persons isn’t/ aren’t going anywhere then, he comes out to investigate especially, if he’s hungry. Luca had been hiding under the bed, since last Friday, but is now checking out his new digs and even jumped on his “grandmother’s” bed and sat on her feet! That is a big ~feat~ for my baby boy!


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