ChoGeishaville ~ Before & After!

My mountain of a painting project finally finished on Tuesday!🤗 One less stressful thing on my to~do list!🎉🙏🏽🙌🏽🎊

As a proud house parent of my Queen Anne Victorian, built in 1895, I’m naturally sharing way more pictures than necessary to get the point across. Seeing though as it took three months for the project to finally begin on the heels of my pipes being changed in the front yard, leaving it to look like “Field of Dreams” (landscaping makeover TBD) and three weeks to paint my three~story mini~castle, I couldn’t care less about unleashing a barrage of photos to the world. Oh… but I will spare you the details of the evil lead painter on this project whom I refer to as “Despicable Me” who subcontracted out my job (which I don’t think his company realizes) and wanted to cut ridiculous corners; You’ll be able to read about it in all of the hideous reviews that I’ll be sharing on Google, Angi, et al… Thank goodness, the cutie foreman from the other company had scruples and ultimately wanted to make me happy which he did.🥰 He’ll be getting my business in the future.

Keep in mind that my color scheme was always meant to be sage green, brick red, and black, but because of the different textures of the house, I had to choose alternative hues in the vinyl~friendly paint category including, Lush, Georgian Brick which is more of an orangey~terracotta and Amherst Grey which I had to get specially formulated to be as dark as possible. Also, I unexpectedly ended up with asymmetrical bookend colors for my wrap~around porch windows because of their shape and textures, but because Victorian homes are usually asymmetrical, I decided to go with the flow. I’ve attached a video for you to see the full effect.

I had been living in this quiet neighborhood for four months without much interaction from my neighbors. Suddenly though, most everyone who passes by is calling out to me with nice things to say. 🤗

One neighbor tried to find out the colors that I was using, when I wasn’t around, but my cutie foreman quickly told them that he didn’t know because it was “custom.”😉🤐

P.S. A shout~out to “mistress painter” me 👩🏽‍🎨 who did a DIY paint job on an out~of~commission, rusty air conditioner cage that looked like a sore thumb next to the rest of the house because the contractors weren’t allowed to do so for health and safety reasons in regards to ventilation~related items. I’m now plotting to #upcycle it into a planter cage for flower vines.

P.P.S. Confession— I had given into painting the chimneys (not the stonework), but on the pin~ultimate day of the project, I was informed that they were too brittle and dangerous to handle. The Universe really wanted me to keep them in their beautifully banged~up glory and I’m kind of glad about it.

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ChoGeishaville, LLC ~ My New Home❣️

So… 2012 was around the time that I was losing my two-bedroom condo and most everything else as a result of the Great Recession while starting a master’s degree… Ten years later, I did a thing, bounced back bigger, and today, closed on my new (but old) house… and became a LANDLORD while starting a doctorate!

Introducing Phase 1 of ChoGeishaville, LLC… the triplex edition— 8 bedrooms, 3 baths, 4 fireplaces… around 3,877 square feet! 🤗 The first pic with the lawn is from 2018, the second and third, from today. I planned to buy a quadplex/ four-family, but when I stumbled upon this historic Queen Anne Victorian home, built in 1895, with its corner tower, I had to make some sacrifices to snatch her. This beauty with double two-car garages (equals four car spaces plus driveway… no more alternate-side parking!) came on the market the same week that my arduous #NACA journey to qualification came to fruition… and mind you, I had been researching homes for MONTHS! This program not only paid for my down payment and closing costs but my attorney fees, too! I paid down out-of-pocket to get the lowest interest rate possible… as of today, 1.12 percent!🎊🤗🎉🥳 I’ll be back with pics of #MyCastle after her makeover including painting her sage green with brick red and black accents… getting some stained glass, a moat (kidding,) new fence, and changing the landscape to my liking (I don’t understand those afro bushes.🤔) Anyway, please reach out to this generous program that also helps people of all income brackets with rent, food, and getting jobs❣️




✨#NMRK ✨

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#KamalaHarris vs. #Trump

I can *NOT* even BELIEVE that someone would have the nerve to shame Kamala and call her a bad influence for some alleged affair with a married man while praising a president who cheated on, at least, two of his THREE wives… one of whom was pregnant while he was doing it with a PORN STAR; This doesn’t even cover his open bragging about sexually assaulting women because he can, the 26 official accusations by women about his doing just that (but, yeah, Joe’s a “hair sniffer”) or Trump’s close ties to, at least, two sex~trafficking child molesters one of whom he “wishes the very best”— all of this while Kamala actually has spent her career prosecuting predators like them. Don’t let your daughters be like her though… and God help them if they date sons who were groomed to idolize Trump’s behavior. Put your stones away before your glass house shatters.

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I voted!🇺🇸🤗🎉

Let me tell you how excited I was to discover that this mask and bow set was delivered to me, days earlier than expected, and only HOURS before I planned to vote! The surprise was far more sweet due to the fabulous packaging to go along with the lovely work of @immyhmillinery. I felt like I got an early holiday gift!🤗

I must also shout~out @joanieclothing who made my new favorite sweater/ t-shirt (so soft) and tipped me off about Immy’s accessories (the most comfortable mask I’ve worn thanks to what seems like nylon around the ears).

None of this would be possible if not for fictional character, Sean, on Coronation Street who was rocking this top on the show.

P.S. Nocturnal me decided to enjoy the wee hours of the morning after my late shift at work then, go to the polls at 6am. It worked out well as I was in and out of there in around 40 minutes.

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When the Crazies Start Knocking at Your Door

This could be partially down to 2020 and #CoronaPalooza, but I’m thinking that I must be getting better with age because for the first time in ALL of MY DECADES I have triggered jealous, insecure, female trolls (THREE in two years) to come out of the woodwork to stalk and hassle me, a STRANGER, for simply existing at one point or another (with absolutely NO FOUL PLAY) in the lives of two men that we have in common (one new bitch who has the leftovers of my ex and two other bitches complaining about another man that they allegedly haven’t wanted in years, but mad anyway ‘cause they apparently hate that he got an upgrade💅🏽). Oh… and what’s with them all having Central/ Eastern European/ Slavic ancestry… including the States-born wretch?🤔

Besides this fu€%ery, I’ve had three sugar*daddies contact me on Instagram… and now, this chick. I’m not into chicks, but do appreciate that her fake profile picture is, at least, attractive.

😆🤦🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️ #WHATtheFUCK!!!?

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Fair~Weather Friends

Let me tell you when you learn who your real friends are, in times of controversy; My now former friend of 16 years, who was my bridesmaid, hosted my bridal shower, and lent me her deceased mother’s earrings for my wedding, someone whom I supported emotionally when she crossed over the edge to a nervous, suicidal breakdown… a Jewish Latina who is easily perceived as “white” just blocked me because I had the nerve to openly call her out on her silence during this uprise about the violence towards black people. In her defense, my timing ended up being inappropriate which I acknowledged after she brought to my attention that she had flown to the side of a friend whose brother had a massive stroke and was also making a care package for someone else in ICU— all loving, honorable things. I stood by what I said, however, because this person, a writer, no longer in the news business or with restrictions on voicing her opinion… with a large social media platform to influence others has always stayed silent during previous crises when she didn’t have the excuse of being distracted or newly engaged. All she said was that she chooses to use her platform for personal sharing which yes, is her business to do, but like I said to her, “Remember, after they come for me, they’ll come for you.” I would think that someone who has ties to the holocaust would get that. I guess, not. Have fun in your bubble. Let’s hope that it doesn’t burst… or maybe, it should for a reality check. Ciao!

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A Quick Pause from Work for #CoronaFashion #CoronaPalooza #LockDown2020

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Happy Birthday in Heaven, Mommy!

I know that you would’ve been proud of and worried for all of your fellow Registered Nurses and the rest of the brave healthcare providers and frontline workers fighting the good fight. You’d also be cursing out that “BLASTED ASS” in the White House with your Trini accent. 😆💝


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Yeah, I’m late with this, but it’s not like I was holding you up from going somewhere!



As I had mentioned in my previous post, my quinoa took over the illness~preventing concoction that I made and turned it into stew instead of soup—NOT a PROBLEM because that just meant that I could extend my meal longer when it got low by adding more water, seasoning, vegetables (on their last legs), and transform it into a thinner consistency… which is what happened in Part 2 of my survival food chronicles; On around day four, I was down to approximately two scoops left in my pot of stew so, decided to reinvent my meal to break the monotony by not only turning it into soup, but also, CHANGING its FLAVOR! I went through my inventory and came up with CURRIED TOFU! Yes, another great way to clear your nasal passages and more!

I heated up some extra~virgin coconut oil in a separate pan then, sautéed yellow curry powder, cumin powder, black pepper, Himalayan salt (which I rarely use) to enhance their flavors then, added a dab of honey to cut the bitterness, some tofu that was about to expire, and onions into the mix for a proper stir~fry party. When I was finished, I spooned it into my pot of former quinoa stew~officially~turned~soup.

On that note—

I’ve discovered that quinoa is really great about not getting mushy like rice or pasta might if left to soak in liquids for long periods of time. This is a real game~changer for me, to be able to have a food staple transition into multiple dishes while on a budget.

Depending on how daring you are, I’d suggest altering the flavors to keep things lively while limited by maybe, adding sour cream, tzatziki sauce (my favorite) or what I had on hand, vegan mayonnaise for a richer, creamier taste.

(Sorry, I scarfed down the creamy goodness before taking a pic.)

Oh yeah, when I wanted a more hearty soup, I sprinkled in some rigatoni pasta to do the trick.

Next time, I’ll be working on this curry dish (sans the soup) from scratch and adding newly purchased chick peas, potatoes, and turmeric to join forces with the curry and cumin. I might get fancy and buy a can of Goya’s crema de coco, too, like Mommy used to do with other tasty meals. ☺️

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