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So… the other day, midway through binge-watching the first three seasons of “Call the Midwife” (based on a true memoir), on Netflix, it dawned on me that the main character was around the same age as my mother when she became a Registered Nurse and Midwife (at 16) during the identical era with a similar British essence. The only difference was that one was working in England and the other, in Trinidad (and/ or Tobago). It became surreal to recognize the uniforms that were the same as the one pictured of my mother in hers… as well as to recall my mother talking about surgeries where she had to speak up before certain doctors made mistakes on her watch. Oh, and let us not forget the concept of riding around town on a bike to get to patients’ homes to deliver their babies.

My mother would later move to the States, leave surgery to work in drug/ alcohol units (where famous people passed through) before finding her calling as Senior Registered Nurse of Psychiatry.

I wonder what Netflix would do with her crazy memoirs.

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Ode to Misery (in the style of “Let It Snow”)

When life’s not so delightful
And, family ties are more than frightful
And optimism has no place to grow
Let it go, let it go, let it gooooo!

The Bitch Only Speaks Japanese

BITCH… or whatever one calls an ungrateful, female cat who blows off her human mother… the one who RESCUED HER from ABANDONMENT outside of their condo, ignoring her husband’s disapproval, only to later bond with that same, reluctant, samurai father.

This is the man who protested having another kitty taking up residence then, when the door shut behind us, to our unit, acted as though he had pushed her out of his womb during childbirth, and argued, for A WEEK, about what we could name the feline.

Now, when hubby (in a heavy, Japanese accent) yells out, “Chloe-san! Chloe-san! Run, Chloe, run!” She doesn’t just do the normal cat food commercial, twinkle-toes, “skipping to her food” move, but actually GALLOPS, like a HORSE to that man, I married.

When I call “Miss Thing” by her proper name, she kind of just looks over her shoulder at me, with a cold glance, rolls her eyes and starts walking away, in the opposite direction (unless she’s in the mood for some maternal affection, of course).

Is this because her older, furry siblings, eight and 10 years her senior, are territorial about me and try to bully her away from my attention? I don’t know.



“Hot Sake” (my spouse) knows it, too, and loves to play the devil by telling me that the independent brat of a “Papa’s girl” likes to lovingly exclaim, “Hi, Daddy!” then, immediately change to an annoyed expression to ask, “Where’s Heidi?”


Even more appalling, they look alike…


Look at that chick’s resentment… annoyed that I interrupted their quality time.


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What the Samurai Now Calls His Shrew

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Her Little Pride and Joy

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It’s Our Wedding Anniversary!

Red Velvet Cake with Thick Fudge Filling... YUM!!!

The First Taste of Our Wedding Cake!

The family name, “Nakanishi” is written in red, Japanese characters.

Wedding Cake and Kisses! Notice that our cake topper twins are rocking microphones, a karaoke machine, feathered-flowers and a bottle of beer! Heeheehee... <:D

©2011 Heidi Rodney-Nakanishi and ChocolateGeisha Spills the Sake!™     Sabrina Asch Photography –  www.SabrinaAsch.com | Cake from Carlo’s Bake Shop of Cake Boss; See him on the TLC Network. | Cake Topper by Cake Top Lady on Etsy.com

Stuck in the F-Word (Florida)

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Trinidad and Japan: Freak of Nature In-Laws

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Road Trip: Two Cats and a Pomeranian

• a hysterical, 1-1/2-year-old kitty, Chloe (escaped from her bag, but wearing a cat leash {don’t judge me}) urinating and defecating on the soft, zippered carrier of her older brother, Luca, the cat (who experienced his first, pseudo-incestuous “golden shower” {scandal!}

• wee-wee paw prints on the jeans of human Mommy, strapped in to a papoose for a Pomeranian, as well as a seatbelt while drama queen, Zsa-Zsa, the dog helps the chaos ensue with her “The Sky Is Falling!!!” routine

• a truck that smells like a More

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