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“Heidi is a welcome addition to the blogosphere. Her witty, soulful musings are a true reflection of her vibrant spirit, and zest for life and pursuing all facets of performing excellence. is a must-read and I can’t wait to see what comes next for its multi-talented creator.” September 7, 2011

Melissa Braverman, Blogger, Single Gal In The City
was with another company when working with Heidi at

“Heidi is an artist in every dimension that imbues all of her expressions with a unique endearing style that connects with you authentically by way of her strengths, vulnerabilities, and tremendous wit. She innately appeals to the heart with a wink without taking things too seriously and with brilliant attention to craftsmanship. I recommend Heidi for her writing and for all her other artistic expressions.” September 7, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

Javier Muñoz, hired Heidi as a Writer in 2006

“Heidi is a detail-oriented video professional who has done it all in the big leagues. Our work together encompassed hard news, sports, features, b-roll for interviews, disaster coverage and anything else you can think of.” March 21, 2010

Ted Schreiber, Newswriter, Cut-in Producer, WCBS-TV
worked directly with Heidi at General Electric: NBC-Universal, News Channel 4

“I had the pleasure of working with Heidi for more than a year on the overnight shift at WNBC. Despite the challenging nature of our hours, Heidi was always professional, dedicated and a true team player. She would be an asset to any organization and I hope to have the opportunity to work with her again.” November 20, 2009

Melissa Braverman, Freelance Writer, WNBC-TV
worked directly with Heidi at General Electric: NBC-Universal, News Channel 4

“I had the pleasure of working with Heidi at WNBC. She was a dedicated, detail-oriented and reliable editor. Heidi could be trusted to complete assignments under tight deadlines and immense pressure without losing her composure. I relied on her expertise on many an occasion. I considered her an asset to the newsroom and am confident in endorsing her work ethic and competence to any future employer.” October 15, 2009

Mary Moscarello Gutierrez, Writer, WNBC NewsChannel 4 New York
worked directly with Heidi at General Electric: NBC-Universal, News Channel 4

“Working with Heidi was a great experience, she is diligent, organized and surely she enjoyed the challenge of meeting deadlines. Working in Channel 7 over the weekends around 5’oclock always got hectic in the news department. Nonetheless, working with Heidi and been graced with her witty sense of humor and professionalism assured me the news package was not only flawless therefore ready to air. We really work well as colleagues, even though we worked in different departments.” January 27, 2011

Yovantonette Daniels, Satellite Operator, WSVN – Channel 7 Sunbeam Corporation
worked with Heidi at Sunbeam Television Corporation


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