#KamalaHarris vs. #Trump

I can *NOT* even BELIEVE that someone would have the nerve to shame Kamala and call her a bad influence for some alleged affair with a married man while praising a president who cheated on, at least, two of his THREE wives… one of whom was pregnant while he was doing it with a PORN STAR; This doesn’t even cover his open bragging about sexually assaulting women because he can, the 26 official accusations by women about his doing just that (but, yeah, Joe’s a “hair sniffer”) or Trump’s close ties to, at least, two sex~trafficking child molesters one of whom he “wishes the very best”— all of this while Kamala actually has spent her career prosecuting predators like them. Don’t let your daughters be like her though… and God help them if they date sons who were groomed to idolize Trump’s behavior. Put your stones away before your glass house shatters.

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