ChoGeishaville ~ Before & After!

My mountain of a painting project finally finished on Tuesday!🤗 One less stressful thing on my to~do list!🎉🙏🏽🙌🏽🎊

As a proud house parent of my Queen Anne Victorian, built in 1895, I’m naturally sharing way more pictures than necessary to get the point across. Seeing though as it took three months for the project to finally begin on the heels of my pipes being changed in the front yard, leaving it to look like “Field of Dreams” (landscaping makeover TBD) and three weeks to paint my three~story mini~castle, I couldn’t care less about unleashing a barrage of photos to the world. Oh… but I will spare you the details of the evil lead painter on this project whom I refer to as “Despicable Me” who subcontracted out my job (which I don’t think his company realizes) and wanted to cut ridiculous corners; You’ll be able to read about it in all of the hideous reviews that I’ll be sharing on Google, Angi, et al… Thank goodness, the cutie foreman from the other company had scruples and ultimately wanted to make me happy which he did.🥰 He’ll be getting my business in the future.

Keep in mind that my color scheme was always meant to be sage green, brick red, and black, but because of the different textures of the house, I had to choose alternative hues in the vinyl~friendly paint category including, Lush, Georgian Brick which is more of an orangey~terracotta and Amherst Grey which I had to get specially formulated to be as dark as possible. Also, I unexpectedly ended up with asymmetrical bookend colors for my wrap~around porch windows because of their shape and textures, but because Victorian homes are usually asymmetrical, I decided to go with the flow. I’ve attached a video for you to see the full effect.

I had been living in this quiet neighborhood for four months without much interaction from my neighbors. Suddenly though, most everyone who passes by is calling out to me with nice things to say. 🤗

One neighbor tried to find out the colors that I was using, when I wasn’t around, but my cutie foreman quickly told them that he didn’t know because it was “custom.”😉🤐

P.S. A shout~out to “mistress painter” me 👩🏽‍🎨 who did a DIY paint job on an out~of~commission, rusty air conditioner cage that looked like a sore thumb next to the rest of the house because the contractors weren’t allowed to do so for health and safety reasons in regards to ventilation~related items. I’m now plotting to #upcycle it into a planter cage for flower vines.

P.P.S. Confession— I had given into painting the chimneys (not the stonework), but on the pin~ultimate day of the project, I was informed that they were too brittle and dangerous to handle. The Universe really wanted me to keep them in their beautifully banged~up glory and I’m kind of glad about it.

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