Staying on the Upside: Misguided Support – Faux Pas #2 — Slip of the Hands

Some of the most passionate, sweet and ultra-sincere people will accidentally let you down while feeling blue. It definitely was not their intention to hurt you any further than what you’ve been experiencing, but it happened… life happened. They wanted to be there to catch you, but had an unexpected case of “the slip of the hands”; They promised you the moon, the stars, the Milky Way… or maybe, just a hot fudge sundae to get you back on your feet, made plans with you, guaranteed more than a cyber-hug or quick chat on the street then, CANCELLED.

This is a NO-NO.

Again though, life happens and sometimes these things can’t be avoided, but there are only a few excuses that hold weight;

Unless there was a 10-car-pileup and they, those promising comfort, were inside of car number 11… unless there was a sniper, shooting up the walk-way that leads to the home of the person needing tender, loving care… unless there is a flesh-eating bacteria that has found its way into the system of an unfortunate victim on a mission to make another feel better… unless a child is choking on a dinosaur made from a LEGO® collection (okay, fine… choking from ANYTHING)… UNLESS (exerting a little more chutzpah) the Berlin Wall was mysteriously erected while those persons were at the grocery store, gym, in the loo or what have you… separating them from their destination -YOU and the DOWN-in-the-DUMPS CREW- for a possible few decades and there is ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY ~NO WAY~ for them to keep their promise, THEY ARE WRONG for LETTING YOU DOWN.

Granted, not everything that I’ve mentioned is realistic, but COURTESY IS KEY–

For the misguided supporters out there: If there is any chance, at all, that a promise can’t be kept, it should be mentioned during the process of making plans. If there is a high possibility that a meeting won’t happen, DON’T SAY THAT IT WILL. Otherwise, BE THERE… be late if you have to, but GET THERE and do what you said that you were going to do!

No one likes getting stood-up.

To my daily survivors who frequently deal with others “dropping the ball”, I say, avoid such disappointment from well-intentioned wrong-doers by expecting nothing from them. In turn, be pleasantly surprised if they follow through; You’ve got enough challenges on your plate– don’t let them add another serving of stress to your world.

©2012 Heidi Rodney-Nakanishi and ChocolateGeisha Spills the Sake!™


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