I Want You… I Knead You!

During our latest episode of “Healing the Hooves”, my husband (the samurai) and I (wretched shrew) went for random, no-frills dry rubbing (oooh… sounds dirty) to conquer the cramps of our beaten arches and twinkle toes with flickers that needed recharging– simple, yet sensational. In the future, however, completely away from our laptops and “lazy day” attitudes, we just might pull out the fun, creamy, oily props for our very own “Shiatsu Olympics”.

Our sessions are usually impromptu, but frequent enough that we understand each other’s non-verbal signals of puppy-dog eyes and out-stretched limbs in our playmate’s direction to silently shout  (in Michael Buffer fashion), “Let’s Get Ready to RUB-le!!!

One of the great things about simultaneous stimulation (feet, people, feet… focus!) is being able to More


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