Flavors of the Universe

Do you find there to be a difference amongst the terms “African-American”, “Afro-Caribbean” and “African immigrant”?

Am I the only one who is annoyed by legitimate blanketed references, simply because a group share similar skin-tones?

I – especially – hate that the label “African-American” is used incorrectly; I know plenty of non-black humans (or people of “non-color”) who are from Africa!

To contradict myself (Mommy always called me, “Mary, Mary, quite contrary”), I’ll say that I prefer flavors for everyone’s ethnicities (as I’m sure you’ve figured out from this author’s self-description)– they’re more fun and sexy terms of endearment, by my standards (I do not claim to be correct in the accuracy of my nicknames:)

  • Vanilla = Caucasian
  • Chocolate = Black, Negro, Negroid (You may call me, “Negroida” {I’m sure, Cat Woman would have a superhero cousin, like me, named that.} By the way, have I mentioned how I long to be in alliance with “Xena: Warrior Princess“, Grace Jones and “La Femme Nikita” <My favorite part of LFN starts at 4:44.>? [Yes, I know– off topic– I digress…])
  • Cafe con Leche = Hispanic
  • Sake = Japanese (“Hot Sake”, if the lucky fool is my husband 😉 )
  • Ginseng = My blanketed (but insignificant in comparison to the above subject matter’s) version of other Asians (“Hot Dim-Sum” if one is sexy and Chinese)
  • Vodka = Russian or someone of a Slavic background
  • (a hot spread of) Tahini or Hummus = of Israeli/ Middle-Eastern decent
  • Bailey’s Cream = Irish
  • (“have the fever for the flavor of¹”) Curry = of Indian decent
  • Mocha~Latte = Mixed-up with a whole lotta good stuff!


I was updating my performer profile and decided to search the web to see whether or not it would be excessive to double-hyphenate my chosen ethnic description of being referred to as “Afro-Caribbean-American”. In the process, I encountered this topic and video on Afro-Europe International Blog‘s page.

Let me know how you feel… Keep it peaceful, please!


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