*Flashback Post~4/21/10: Psychic Wedding Officiant!

Yaaaay!!! I’m really excited about meeting our (Hot Sake’s and my) potential wedding officiant. I’ve always been the spiritual chick, totally big on astrology (even had to research future hubby and my astrological charts to see why this Libra woman was falling for a Cancer man [the type she normally hates] plus get guidance from my friend, Lexa, the lesbian/Jewish/Wiccan/tango/writer who reads tarot.  I’ve also been involved in Buddhism, the “Universe” all while adding a splash of God to make my mother happy. Ironically, my fiance was raised on Buddhism in Japan, but tends to go the route of the agnostic Christian. So, while surfing the web I came across this officiant with a magical twinkle in her eyes. I couldn’t believe that she was so perfect for what we believe in… a psychic, tarot card reading, non-Denominational minister from Argentina; The latter made it a done deal for me as I am a devout Argentine tango dancer.

I’ve corresponded a few times with the officiant, via e-mail, about our upcoming meeting. I was really happy when she offered April 28th as a day to see her because I always said that if I had an April wedding, it would be on the 26th or 28th (something round and full about the month and days). If you haven’t figured it out, I’m kind of into numbers and the good vibes off of them as well. Hence, deciding to get married in the robust month of October, on 10/10/10, in the Fall with the magical breeze in the air. Ssssiiigghhh…

I hope all goes well!

Wish me luck!



(*First published as “hEiDivaChocolate!” a.k.a. “Heidi Rodney” on different site. Edited and posted to http://www.ChocolateGeishaGiggles.com on August 1, 2011)

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