*Flashback Post~5/7/10: Accomodations for Out-of-Town Guests

The Dilemma…

So, there I was, setting up my “save the date” wedding site for my approaching nuptials when I noticed that my pre-made layout asked me to include information about accommodations for guests. “Huh!? What!? You mean, I can’t just ask people to come from all over the world to see me and leave it at that… I have to find them places to stay TOO, but where!!!?” I was embarrassed by my own, goofy question, seeing as I’m in the middle of New York City. I knew for sure though that I had no idea what to suggest to potential out-of-towners as far as reasonably priced hotels, in and on the outskirts of New York plus things to do to keep them occupied. HELLO!!!? It’s Manhattan; it would be hard to *not* find something to keep one’s self entertained let alone a place to stay, but where to begin?

Anxiety began to set in as I envisioned a carousel of City options riding around in my head. I put the breaks on the merry-go-round and thought to myself, “Why must I develop a headache over this… shouldn’t I just refer them to one of those hotel websites and let them figure it out on their own or would that be utterly lazy of me? <:( I’m trying to have an upbeat, stress-free, wedding celebration after all, and really don’t want the pressure of doing a tap dance for everyone.”

Ultimately, my guilt has made me feel that I should assist, a little, because they are coming to see my future husband and I get hitched. HOWEVA, I also realize that it’s not like they’re visiting us out in the bush somewhere, stuck without options. I even think that secretly, our gathering is only being used as an excuse for some guests to finally visit NYC… the wicked devils. 😉

The Solution!

The Gershwin Hotel, NYC

I began doing a little research to find some place where all of our friends and family could congregate, have a good time and still be within sufficient proximity to our Central Park ceremony. Amongst a few of my discoveries, this wonderful gem, The Gershwin Hotel, in the hot-spot of Manhattan, caught my eye with its fabulously funky decor and wall-to-wall artwork done by the greats. Even better, they offer an array of rates and accomodations to satisfy those on a tight, hostel~style budget while tickling the fancy of my other people, ~LIVING LARGE!~. >;}


The Marriott's Courtyard~Jersey City~Newport, NJ

Don’t be deterred by the New Jersey address; This cozy hotel, away from the hustle and bustle, is 10 minutes outside of Manhattan, conveniently adjacent to the PATH train station, and also offers the option of catching the ferry to the City, as well as checking out Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty and other interesting sights to see.

Reasonable group rates are presently available for $167 a night.

“Big lights will INSPIRE you!”

The Hilton's DoubleTree Guest Suites~Times Square~NYC

If you’re up for some excitement and spending a little cash then, staying in the heart of Times Square is a MUST! Consider a liaison with the Great White Way while staying at the Hilton’s DoubleTree Guest Suites. To sweeten the pot, the DoubleTree is offering a “Shop ‘Til You Drop in New York City!” special, available through December 2010.

Give your regards to Broadway, have your shopping spree… and think fondly of this bride and her groom while you’re at it (hint, hint)! <;}

Need More Ideas?   

  • AirBnB.com: Instead of a hotel try a Luxury House, Cheap Apartment or Vacation Rental!  
  • Hotels.com: Choose from luxury to cheap, bed and breakfast to 5-star hotels. Read reviews, detailed descriptions, maps and quality photos. Book today and save with their Price Match Guarantee. 
  • Expedia.com: Plan a trip, book cheap airfares, purchase airline tickets, make hotel reservations, and find vacation packages, car rental & cruise deals at the travel agency rated #1 in customer satisfaction.

New York City Souvenirs!

(*First published as “hEiDivaChocolate!” a.k.a. “Heidi Rodney” on different site. Edited and posted to http://www.ChocolateGeishaGiggles.com on August 1, 2011)

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