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In case you’re late to the party, not only have I changed my state of residency (left Colorado and drove back home, cross-country, to my beloved New York City area), but also changed the URL address for my Chloe+Isabel jewelry boutique! You’ll see the mother address, once you arrive, but getting there will be so much easier and stylish. 😉

Start cruising to and check out these tasty nuggets of information to inspire your shopping spree as the holiday season quickly approaches us!

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How to Date a Homeless Guy

… with tender, loving care and lots of Febreze®, but we’ll get to “fragrance management” later.

This is not a dig to people living on the streets. This really happened to me… NO LIE.

It’s not as pathetic, on my part, as it sounds (Okay -maybe- it was.)

He was a young, Eastern European from the country of Georgia, and hot— a scruffy cross between Johnny Depp and Colin Farrell, not to mention–


(Ohhhh, yes… it’s all coming clear and a lot more palatable for you, huh? Don’t answer that.)

The swarthy percussionist, 16 years my junior, claimed to be working on an online degree in international law or something like that, through a program from his homeland. I believed him… he was smart as a whip and a true hustler. The former was because both of his parents were professors, back on his native soil… the latter, from trying to survive the streets of New York.

No matter where he was, he’d have his portable drum kit and some sort of classic literature to read. He actually introduced me to the beautiful work of



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Caricatures from the Newsroom: A Video Editor’s Amateur View of Figureheads– Days Following September 11th

Briefly (probably not), I’ll say, that day… hours before everything occurred, I was working the overnight shift as a TV news video editor for “Today in New York”, NBC’s local, morning news. It was a very slow, boring shift and I had been sitting in my edit bay, cyber-browsing through, making a random “wish list” for myself… four to be exact; I recall this because my friend who escaped and survived the falling Twin Towers of the World Trade Center would later (coincidentally? I think not) buy me everything that was listed on that date for my birthday on September 27th. Finally, after staying 40 minutes beyond my scheduled tour to play on the computer, I left.

Ten minutes later, the first plane would hit.

I was clueless, and took my usual morning stroll home from Rockefeller Plaza, on 49th Street, to my old, studio apartment on the Upper(-Upper) East Side of Manhattan on 106th Street and Lexington Avenue. My only alarm was passing parked cars with radios on, hearing the same somber voice of a man stating that there was a fire near Wall Street.

Two other clues of there being something wrong, that later, would become clear to me were:

  1. My cell phone kept giving me a busy signal when I tried to dial out, making me think that I had no service (and had forgotten to pay the bill).
  2. When I grew tired of walking, and decided to take the 86th Street train, the rest of the way home, all service was shut down.

I finally realized what had happened when my little sister, Lori, in Florida at the time, called my home number to find out whether or not I was okay, and said that everybody’s phone lines were busy from all the calls being made and to turn on the TV.

It was so surreal to watch my colleague, Walter Perez, reporting on not one, but two planes hitting the Twin Towers. I was then jolted to watch him instinctively duck for cover as the second build suddenly crashed More

*Flashback Post~5/7/10: Accomodations for Out-of-Town Guests

The Dilemma…

So, there I was, setting up my “save the date” wedding site for my approaching nuptials when I noticed that my pre-made layout asked me to include information about accommodations for guests. “Huh!? What!? You mean, I can’t just ask people to come from all over the world to see me and leave it at that… I have to find them places to stay TOO, but where!!!?” I was embarrassed by my own, goofy question, seeing as I’m in the middle of New York City. I knew for sure though that I had no idea what to suggest to potential out-of-towners as far as reasonably priced hotels, in and on the outskirts of New York plus things to do to keep them occupied. HELLO!!!? It’s Manhattan; it would be hard to *not* find something to keep one’s self entertained let alone a place to stay, but where to begin?

Anxiety began to set in as I envisioned a carousel of City options riding around in my head. I put the breaks on the merry-go-round and thought to myself, More

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