How to Date a Homeless Guy

… with tender, loving care and lots of Febreze®, but we’ll get to “fragrance management” later.

This is not a dig to people living on the streets. This really happened to me… NO LIE.

It’s not as pathetic, on my part, as it sounds (Okay -maybe- it was.)

He was a young, Eastern European from the country of Georgia, and hot— a scruffy cross between Johnny Depp and Colin Farrell, not to mention–


(Ohhhh, yes… it’s all coming clear and a lot more palatable for you, huh? Don’t answer that.)

The swarthy percussionist, 16 years my junior, claimed to be working on an online degree in international law or something like that, through a program from his homeland. I believed him… he was smart as a whip and a true hustler. The former was because both of his parents were professors, back on his native soil… the latter, from trying to survive the streets of New York.

No matter where he was, he’d have his portable drum kit and some sort of classic literature to read. He actually introduced me to the beautiful work of



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