*Flashback Post~5/7/10: Accomodations for Out-of-Town Guests

The Dilemma…

So, there I was, setting up my “save the date” wedding site for my approaching nuptials when I noticed that my pre-made layout asked me to include information about accommodations for guests. “Huh!? What!? You mean, I can’t just ask people to come from all over the world to see me and leave it at that… I have to find them places to stay TOO, but where!!!?” I was embarrassed by my own, goofy question, seeing as I’m in the middle of New York City. I knew for sure though that I had no idea what to suggest to potential out-of-towners as far as reasonably priced hotels, in and on the outskirts of New York plus things to do to keep them occupied. HELLO!!!? It’s Manhattan; it would be hard to *not* find something to keep one’s self entertained let alone a place to stay, but where to begin?

Anxiety began to set in as I envisioned a carousel of City options riding around in my head. I put the breaks on the merry-go-round and thought to myself, More

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