My Near-Death, NY Post Blind Date with the Professor!


With an unsuccessful record in the love department and a dubious future with a “man~child”, *Eastern-European drummer from the country of Georgia… 16 years my junior (*more to come in another post), my friend suggested that  I submit an “application for romance”  (haha) to be a contestant in the New York Post’s “Meet Market Dating Game“. Surprisingly, I was called in for an interview, given a photo-session and became one of three “bachelorettes” to be on stand-by for a possible rendezvous with one of the paper’s featured, eligible males intended to pluck one of we ladies, fresh for the pickin’. Well, I stayed planted in the field garden of media-dating for a few months and was about to ~finally~ have the tables turned in my favor so that I, the unchosen, could do the choosing myself when “Paul, the Professor”, with obvious EXCELLENT taste, selected me.

There’s nothing like free food and having a newspaper volunteerily flip the bill to stalk me on a date with a nice guy. Too bad, this flower was nearly wilted and put six-feet under by a poisonous fertilizer called, “nuts”!

Here’s the cute, edited version that made the press on February 1, 2009:  Nut So Good

Here’s my side of what really happened, as explained in the follow-up:


E-mail to Jennifer Tis of the New York Post:

January 25, 2009, 4:47 PM

Things got a little nutty with the professor!

I should’ve taken heed to the foreshadowing of our date when I was in a cab, stuck in traffic, and running 15 minutes late. When I arrived at the Darbar Grill, Paul was there, very relaxed in the dimly-lighted setting and patiently waiting at a table with a dark, wooded decor. He was attractive and had a quite calm, gentle, Mr. Rogers, sensei-type of demeanor about him. It all quickly made sense when I was pleasantly surprised to find out that he’s a university professor (a secret fetish of mine). Though he seemed shy, with an awkwardly dry, deadpan sense of humor, I knew that the lull in our initial conversation would eventually pick up momentum once he felt more comfortable.
Christian, the photographer, showed up ready to give us our close-ups. I, the camera ham, was more than happy to strike my Cover Girl poses while Paul was hesitant and seemed to withdraw from the bothersome process. By the end though, he loosened up and had fun with it.
Once the shoot was over, we shared a delicious appetizer of vegetable samosas that went very well with my glass of Merlot. Our conversation remained sedate until I saw the spark in Paul’s eyes at the mention of our mutual appreciation for the rock group, The Black Crowes. I was happy to listen to his concert-related anecdote about “borrowed” cars, young babes, scalping tickets and jean jackets (far more innocent than I’m making it out to be. hahaha) while enjoying a sumptuous dish of Dal Fry that consisted of slow-simmered yellow lentils, sautéed with tomatoes, ginger cumin and onions, accompanied by a tasty dish of lemon rice with tasty spices that included a dash of nuts.
NUTS…uuhhh…NUTS? That wasn’t mentioned on the menu… I’m DEATHLY ALLERGIC to nuts! Well, I remained calm once feeling the tingly alarm in my throat go off then, confirmed my suspicion about the secret ingredients in the food. The manager was nice enough to switch my dish for me, and I was determined to not let this minor, life-threatening set-back (which often subsides) ruin the evening. Hahaa… nice try.
Paul and I got through dessert, trying each other’s creatively-presented cheesecake and chocolate cake, swapped business cards then, decided to go on an immediate quest for a Duane Reade’s so that I could find some emergency Benadryl. The whole adventure quickly became a scene from the movie, “Hitch” as I rapidly turned into Will Smith’s character, slowly becoming unhitched with a sudden welt on my left eye (strategically hidden from Paul behind my long locks) while cruising the aisles for medication to avoid going into anaphylactic shock. My date remained impressively easygoing and understanding through the whole ordeal and was a true gentleman, waiting to make sure that I was okay before leaving me.
On a scale of one to four, I’d give the memorable evening a two as it was overall pleasant, but the kind of gathering made for two platonic friends spending time together. Paul is very nice, and I’d definitely hang out with him, again… if only to break him of his karaoke shyness. Hahahaa…


Thank goodness, it would only be 4-1/2 months longer until I’d meet my husband-to-be.

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