My Near-Death, NY Post Blind Date with the Professor!


With an unsuccessful record in the love department and a dubious future with a “man~child”, *Eastern-European drummer from the country of Georgia… 16 years my junior (*more to come in another post), my friend suggested that  I submit an “application for romance”  (haha) to be a contestant in the New York Post’s “Meet Market Dating Game“. Surprisingly, I was called in for an interview, given a photo-session and became one of three “bachelorettes” to be on stand-by for a possible rendezvous with one of the paper’s featured, eligible males intended to pluck one of we ladies, fresh for the pickin’. Well, I stayed planted in the field garden of media-dating for a few months and was about to ~finally~ have the tables turned in my favor so that I, the unchosen, could do the choosing myself when “Paul, the Professor”, with obvious EXCELLENT taste, selected me.

There’s nothing like free food and having a newspaper volunteerily flip the bill to stalk me on a date with a nice guy. Too bad, this flower was nearly wilted and put six-feet under by a poisonous fertilizer called, “nuts”!

Here’s the cute, edited version that made the press on February 1, 2009:  Nut So Good

Here’s my side of what really happened, as explained in the follow-up:


E-mail to Jennifer Tis of the New York Post:

January 25, 2009, 4:47 PM

Things got a little nutty with the professor!

I should’ve taken heed to the foreshadowing of our date when More

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