Staying on the Upside of Life: Mourning a Relationship? Get Out of the House!

Feeling lost and lonely? Did you just break-up with your sweetheart and exude hopelessness?

GET out of the HOUSE!!!

Staying in front of your computer, looking at all of the wedding pictures of your Facebook friends while torch singer, Adele, plays in the background will just drive you to early insanity.

You are not helping yourself by reliving your imaginary relationship that “could’ve been” instead of the reality of what it actually was.

Granted, there should be a grace period for taking in hurt… It better be no longer than two weeks though; This includes the respectable time frame of being solitary before beginning to date, again… HELL YEAH, I said it: Put up a front of (or show genuine) loyalty to your former-partner… JUST in CASE you make up. Otherwise, he or she will bitch and whine that you couldn’t even wait a few days before being back on the prowl.

Which brings me back to the healing process:

Even if your heart is not in it, having the distraction of other people and events in your face will keep you from drowning in sorrow… that is, if you have any pride, at all; DON’T YOU DARE START CRYING in FRONT of a ROOM FULL of PEOPLE for ATTENTION!!!!!! How do you say (with a French accent)? Je ne sais pas… Oh yes, I do…




While you’re out there making a spectacle of yourself, your old flame is probably gallivanting about, having a good time getting lap dances or loin clothes flung in his or her direction.

SCREEEEECH (the sound of breaks)!!!!!

I am soooo SORRY if my words seem a bit harsh. I just want to offer a bit of tough love; Occasionally, this backfires and leaves a tender soul feeling extra sore. 😦

… but I digress…

SNAP OUT of IT!!!!

Try some of these activities:

Quench Your Thirst–

Bars don’t work for everyone and obviously, alcohol is a depressant that may send you falling deeper into the depths of melancholy, BUT it’s a good way to keep you a little busy… particularly, when you’re enthralled in judging the poor sap interested in you, who you’ve already decided is not good enough to sniff your stilettos… or Timberlands.

Keep It Classy–

I’ve always fantasized about meeting a mate while in the Classic Literary (Who am I kidding? Try, SELF-HELP) section of Barnes and Nobel; It’s kind of hot to know that one may encounter some intellectual stimulation at the drop of a hat. 😉

Get Physical–

NOOOO… I’m not telling you to “getcha freak on” (though, it’s often been said that the best way to get rid of a nail is to drive it out with another… {ahem} if you know what I mean). In this case, I speak of social gatherings with dancing such as salsa, swing or the waltz . I, personally, am biased towards Argentine tango (my passion) because it offers an elegant embrace in the midst of expressing complicated moves, like a sensual chess game. Besides that, who couldn’t use a hug while feeling down?

Touch is very healing.

Another aspect to dancing is the cardiovascular workout; As you get your blood pumping, the oxygen flowing and your heart beating, you will naturally experience a sense of euphoria, courtesy of the endorphins released from your body.

Find a Spiritual Outlet–

Whether it’s going to church, temple, a Yankees game or an Elton John concert, find a way to channel your negative emotions into something positive– As Buddha said, “change poison into medicine.”

There is comfort out there waiting for you.

Your situation is painful, right now, but YOU WILL BE HAPPY. It’s just up to you to decide when your new bliss will begin.

Check out Marc and Angel Hack Life.

©2012 Heidi Rodney-Nakanishi and ChocolateGeisha Spills the Sake!™


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