Staying on the Upside of Life: Mourning a Relationship? Get Out of the House!

Feeling lost and lonely? Did you just break-up with your sweetheart and exude hopelessness?

GET out of the HOUSE!!!

Staying in front of your computer, looking at all of the wedding pictures of your Facebook friends while torch singer, Adele, plays in the background will just drive you to early insanity.

You are not helping yourself by reliving your imaginary relationship that “could’ve been” instead of the reality of what it actually was.

Granted, there should be a grace period for taking in hurt… It better be no longer than two weeks though; This includes the respectable time frame of being solitary before beginning to date, again… HELL YEAH, I said it: Put up a front of (or show genuine) loyalty to your former-partner… JUST in CASE you make up. Otherwise, he or she will bitch and whine that you couldn’t even wait a few days before being back on the prowl.

Which brings me back to the healing process:

Even if your heart is not in it, having the distraction of other people and events in your face will More


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