Staying on the Upside: Making Plans for 2013

I’ve got loads and loads of rough drafts that are begging to be posted on my blog, but something keeps telling me to save them for a casing made of ink, paper, glue and spine.

We’ll see.

All I know is that right now, I am feeling elated– not because so many fabulous things have happened to me, but because almost everything that could go bad has (save my health and furry miracles {knock on wood}). I’m not in the mood to list them all off, but let me just say that this morning started out by my leaving the house, in 25-degree-weather, to attempt to drive my car to the mechanic. I say “attempt” not only because I have been driving on bad tires with brakes so horrendous that grinding and skidding could be heard while driving five miles per hour… a sound so horrific that I was convinced, the engine would fall out from under my car while on the highway, causing a pileup that would make the evening news. I had even gone to the shop, days earlier, just to hear what I already knew, “You can’t drive this car, like this.” (It would’ve been amazing to see More


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