Staying on the Upside: After You Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

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Staying on the Upside: Misguided Support – Faux Pas #2 — Slip of the Hands

Some of the most passionate, sweet and ultra-sincere people will accidentally let you down while feeling blue. It definitely was not their intention to hurt you any further than what you’ve been experiencing, but it happened… life happened. They wanted to be there to catch you, but had an unexpected case of “the slip of the hands”; They promised you the moon, the stars, the Milky Way… or maybe, just a hot fudge sundae to get you back on your feet, made plans with you, guaranteed more than a cyber-hug or quick chat on the street then, CANCELLED.

This is a NO-NO.

Again though, life happens and sometimes these things can’t be avoided, but there are only a few excuses that hold weight;

Unless there was a 10-car-pileup and they, those promising comfort, were inside of car number 11… unless there was a sniper, shooting up the walk-way that leads to the home of the person needing tender, loving care… unless there is a flesh-eating bacteria that has found its way into the More

Staying on the Upside: Misguided Support – Faux Pas #1 – Lack of Verbal Etiquette

For the record, using the phrase “that sucks” as a response to learning of a devastating event like, death, illness, divorce, amputation, and so forth, is one of the most inarticulate, oversimplified, diminishing and apathetic expressions to be uttered by another, leaves no room for preserving the dignity of a situation and should be avoided for the sake elegance, eloquence.

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Staying on the Upside: Drowning in Bills

Smile anyway.

My income bracket has been an ongoing roller coaster ride for most of my life; I’ve gone from being a broke student to making six-figures then, completed the circle by raking in nothing, at all. No matter the season of my monetary climate, I make sure to have a good time with what I have or have not.

It’s cool to earn survivor credibility by knowing how to make a dollar stretch. I especially love when creative people find ways to make money to hold themselves over for a day or so, as they embrace their moment of glory to be able to by a loaf of bread or even a six-pack of beer.

SHOUT~OUTs go to my fellow musicians who busk in the subway, on the platform or actual train, savvy jewelry designers who find their material from things on the street, garbage and other random places… Epicureans who can find a few, simple ingredients to whip up tasty treats that people would be willing to purchase while rushing from Point-A to Point-B.

People of all walks of life can have financial setbacks.

I should be on a first-name basis with creditors who More

Staying on the Upside: Reasons to Keep Living

How tragic… you don’t want to be around anymore? It hurts my soul to know this.

I don’t have a lot of wisdom, but one thing that I do know– we all want you here.

  • Your pain is a learning experience to help you grow, know what you don’t want in life and make a move to change your circumstances in a proactive manner… not lead you six-feet-under.
  • It’s terrible to be the “poster child” for “Down-and-Out“, but someone’s gotta do it; Realize that your current… temporary turmoil has the potential of transforming you into an anchor for others who need comfort; Wouldn’t life seem so much more tolerable if you had someone to turn to… someone* who really understood and cared enough to help guide you away from despair? {*Take note: I’m not a professional counselor (though seeking one is highly recommended†), but my blog, here, is a way for me to reach out and let you know that you’re not alone and have this someone as a cyber-ally.}
  • Don’t give your naysayers the satisfaction of seeing you crumble; It’s unfortunate, but true… many people out there do not have your best interest at heart. As the old proverb goes, “Misery loves company.” They just might be waiting for your demise to have something to talk about, making themselves feel better because you couldn’t handle the tough time. DON’T LET THOSE BITCHES WIN!
  • Your presence in other people’s lives is far more important than you’ve been made aware; Being that person who’s been there, able to spread empathy and tenderness to other people, creates community, understanding and hope.
  • Your absence from the world would have a devastating impact on others… more than you know; It’s simple– YOU ARE LOVED. Let the inner-glow of those who truly care about your well-being guide you out of that scary place.

“Darkness cannot  drive out darkness… only light can do that.” ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Your light is just over the horizon. Stick around and enjoy the view…

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Have I overlooked an other good reasons to stay on the upside? If so, please, do share in the comment section, below. Thanks!

†Crisis Centers (I have no affiliation with the following organizations and only offer these links as suggestions:) (USA) (International)

International Association for Suicide Prevention

Staying on the Upside: Sleepless Nights

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Staying on the Upside: The Curse of 2012

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Staying on the Upside of Life: Mourning a Relationship? Get Out of the House!

Feeling lost and lonely? Did you just break-up with your sweetheart and exude hopelessness?

GET out of the HOUSE!!!

Staying in front of your computer, looking at all of the wedding pictures of your Facebook friends while torch singer, Adele, plays in the background will just drive you to early insanity.

You are not helping yourself by reliving your imaginary relationship that “could’ve been” instead of the reality of what it actually was.

Granted, there should be a grace period for taking in hurt… It better be no longer than two weeks though; This includes the respectable time frame of being solitary before beginning to date, again… HELL YEAH, I said it: Put up a front of (or show genuine) loyalty to your former-partner… JUST in CASE you make up. Otherwise, he or she will bitch and whine that you couldn’t even wait a few days before being back on the prowl.

Which brings me back to the healing process:

Even if your heart is not in it, having the distraction of other people and events in your face will More

Staying on the Upside of Life When the World’s Got You Down!

It is hard… It is SO HARD to keep going when life takes a knife to our souls and leaves deep lacerations in our core… but we MUST!

After being privately approached by random people who seem to relate to various uplifting posts that I’ve shared on social networking sites, I’ve decided to take the experiences of this “Bitter, Middle-Child” and channel them into useful tools to help others get out of their dark places.

Please, join me on this journey by sharing ideas, problems and solutions to dilemmas that may come about along the way.

Stay tuned for ChocolateGeisha’s internet radio chat and see what develops!

©2012 Heidi Rodney-Nakanishi and ChocolateGeisha Spills the Sake!™

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